Refer a Friend for Cash

Cirber is the fastest growing food ordering app that helps restaurant vendors and grocery store owners sell food online. Cirber online food ordering app is available in 195 countries and connects local businesses with customers. By popular demand, Cirber is running refer a friend( for cash contest as a part of a new marketing campaign. Users can sign up and refer friends across the world or vendors in their local area for a cash prize.

There is no purchase necessary to participate or win and any one can sign up on the Cirber app or website. Inviting friends is by a simple click on familiar social media app icons directly from Cirber app or website. Participation in the contest offers the following benefits.

  • Win Cash Prize: – Refer a few friends and win cash. You can refer a friend or vendor simply by clicking on an app icon directly from Cirber app or website. This will generate a referral ID so when your friend or vendor clicks on your social media message and is redirected to Cirber sign up page, Cirber team will recognize you as the referrer. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer.
  • Elite Membership: – You will become Cirber Gold Elite member automatically once you have referred the first 20 friends. At that point, you are already a winner because Cirber Gold Elite status comes with several privileges. For example, you will earn points on your friend’s first purchase at Cirber and on all your own purchases. You can also redeem the earned points for free meals or other products on the Cirber food ordering app.
  • Commission: – By special invitation, if any vendor signs up with Cirber using your referral ID, then you are eligible to receive a percentage of Cirber Sales from that vendor. Of course, the commission is an addition to the other benefits mentioned above.

To benefit from the cash prize and numerous benefits, Cirber has outlined some refer a friend contest rules (

  • No purchase is necessary to participate or win in the contest.
  • No spam followers or friends are allowed. Refer only your connections.
  • The contest is void where prohibited by law.
  • The cash prize will be awarded in USD to the winner who has referred 20 or more friends.

If you have 20 or more friends and want to win cash with other benefits on Cirber, one of the largest online food ordering apps,then sign up and refer a friend today!

How Bakers and Baking Enthusiasts Make Money Online

Are you a professional baker or you just have a passion for baking? If everyone loves your baked goods and you want to make next level revenue from your passion for baking, read on…

These days, any business will have to be taken online to give it a chance at making next level revenue. For this, you can create Google My Business listing, get your professional website designed or, for a wider reach,you can sign up on a renowned food ordering platform. With that foundation, you can then create your social media page on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. that would link back to your online store on the aforementioned food ordering platform. In a nutshell, those are the quickest, budget-friendly steps to making money with your baked products and desserts.

Below are some additional ways to get your hustle off the ground and sell baked goods online easily.

Promote Your Signature Item

Promoting your signature item will help you to reach out to your audience fast. We all know that people love to try out different desserts and baked products so if you are selling a lemon tart with a twist or a combination of a doughnut and croissant then people will be tempted to try it and we’re sure they’ll love it because you’ve put so much passion into it These kinds of baked food products can become signature itemsthat can help your brand get great recognition.

Share Product Photos on Social Media

Sharing photos on social media is the best way to attract your audience as customers like watching and sharing photos of the baked products you sell. If you post high-quality and visually mesmerizing photos with a captivating post, then it is surely going to attract your target audience. By investing in good a photographic equipment, lighting, digital marketing, etc., you can surely take your online baking business to another level.

Build Local Presence

It is also necessary to build a local presence by signing up with a trusted food ordering app. Even if you have your own website or social media page, signing up with a local food ordering app can give you immediate exposure. Food ordering platforms are an inexpensive way to socialize your brand’s presence with local customers. These platforms have a wider reach because many people especially locals use them. For example, creating your online store on Cirberwill give you immediate local presence on mobile and desktop because Cirber is available in 195 countries.

Those are a few of the ways in which bakers and baking enthusiasts can sell baked goods online and earn a decent amount of money. Give your business a boost: sign up with Cirber App or revisit your Cirber store today and turn your passion for baking into a sustainable business.

Why Online Food Ordering Apps Are Popular

Online food ordering apps are growing everyday as they provide foods at locations near you or in your city. One can choose food according to taste and can opt for a particular restaurant too. Online food sales are increasing because of the millennial population. People are working away from their hometowns and with a busy lifestyle, they find ordering food online a better option. This has also given impetus to local restaurants, businesses, and home-based food vendors to sell food online. What are the other reasons why online food ordering apps are flourishing?

Hectic Lifestyle

People who work night shifts or have long working hours especially from the IT sector are mostly into ordering online food. They do not have much time at their discretion to prepare food so they rely on these food ordering apps. Moreover, this trend is also increasing online food sales for restaurants, food outlets, and even home-based vendors.

Trying New Cuisines

Another reason for the popularity of food ordering apps is most people move to new cities, states, or even countries. Instead of leaving the comfort of their apartment or home where they reside and visiting restaurants, they prefer online food ordering. Most restaurants and food outlets that sell food online deliver meals piping hot to their customers. This makes the millennial working population to be dependent on these food ordering apps. Also, they could try new cuisines prepared that many different restaurants and food outlets.

Seamless Food Ordering

Online food ordering apps help in seamless food delivery to the end customer. With just one click, you could place an order of the selected meal and get it delivered within a short period of time. The use of advanced technology by popular food ordering apps like Cirber has changed the landscape for online food sales. Easy steps in selecting a meal and placing an order make working people opt for these apps. One more thing that has made these apps popular is that people can order food and get it delivered at a convenient time. Food ordering apps use Cirber Affiliate option to deliver food to the customer’s doorstep.

Escape from the Hustle and Bustle

If you are not in the mood to go out but still want to enjoy a nice meal at home with friends, then try online food order. You can have a nice meal within your budget in the comfort of your own home .

If you want to order a meal from a popular online food ordering app with no hassles, then download the Cirber app where you can find curated restaurants and local vendors that sell food even at your current location.