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About us

Our history

Our story is an inspiration drawn from across many continents.

Our founders lived and studied on three different continents and so they were determined to develop a business that could function anywhere on earth.

Cirber® is the result of that aspiration.

Our advantages

  • Pickup and Delivery We are nimble enough to offer fast pickup and delivery services in a rapidly changing technology environment.
  • Package Redirect™ We are also visionary enough to introduce a unique service that functions like none other.


Cirber has changed the way we see our employees and customers in a very positive way

Tim Barkley Manager

Cirber has helped us increase our bottom line by streamlining our supply chain

Lisa Whistler Consultant

The best of professionals

Patrick Pool

I experienced the exceptional level of service and I was sold in short order…

Mark Johnson

I gave the service a try and I overcame any reservations almost immediately…

Emma Grosh

We saw the benefit of our commitment within weeks…