Courier Service

What is Cirber Courier Service?

In addition to using it for online food ordering, Cirber app can also be used to order courier service. Customers can choose pickup and delivery option at checkout. This will allow a parcel or package to be picked and delivered from door to door by a local Cirber Affiliate. Cirber Courier Service is ideal for a Customer or Vendor who wants any item delivered.

How It Works

Food, groceries or packages can be picked up and delivered locally by an Affiliate.

  • If the item is listed on this site, Customer should add it to cart then proceed to checkout. If not, proceed directly to checkout. Enter Pickup Location and Delivery Address
  • A local Affiliate will pick up the item within minutes and deliver it to the Delivery Address.
  • The item is delivered promptly to the Delivery Address so Customer and Vendor don’t have to worry about pickup or delivery.

This makes the pickup and delivery experience easy and friction free.

Get fast courier service at Cirber. Sign up or download the app to get started.