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Fellow American:

With a big election year on the horizon, we need to be sure that our campaign is in a place to deliver a huge victory in November.

We need real and commonsense leadership that is willing to get the job done in Washington, D.C.


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Friend, the fundraising quarter deadline is fast approaching, and we need a BIG PUSH today to make it. So, here is how we can deliver a successful fundraising goal.

If every PATRIOTIC AMERICAN reading this message makes a one-time contribution of $25, we can meet our goal!

I urge you to stand with me today as we head towards this goal of winning the new TX-38 district seat in the U.S. House in November. I cannot do this without your support.


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Thank You and God Bless.

Damien Mockus

Thank you for standing with me. I am a REAL PATRIOT and I promise to represent the values of TX-38 in Washington, D.C.