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How To Sell Baked Goods To Customers Doorstep

Baking businesses nowadays are not limited to offline shops or bakeries that satiate the cravings of customers. They have reached another level with home-based bakers marking a foothold in society.Most professional bakers have taken the baking business to a higher level by promoting healthy and guilt-free desserts and selling these directly from their homes. They sell baked goods online through food ordering apps or through websites or social media platforms too.

This has pushed baking business to a whole new level with business owners becoming independent and self-sufficient. But, if you are interested in selling baked goods online, one thing that may still come to your mind is how to reach your target customers. Here are a few tips on how online bakers can take their products to their customers doorstep.

Food Ordering Apps


You can sell baked goods online through food ordering apps or websites. You can sign up with food ordering apps that have both local and national reach. This will help you to tap your local market and spread awareness about your home-based brand. You can sign up with popular apps like Cirber to sell your home-baked food. The app has thousands of sellers, food outlets, restaurants, etc. already signed up so you will be in good company. It will help you reach out to potential customers quickly. It even provides options for the customer to pick up the order from you, for you to deliver to the customer or for your delivery to be completed through a local Cirber Affiliate.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is another way through which you can sell your home-based baked products. Home-based bakers are taking their business online through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even professional platforms like LinkedIn. Most of bakers have created their social media pages to sell their products. Customers can read reviews by other customers who have already patronized the business. This will certainly give a thrust to your online business.

Register On Google My Business

Apart from signing up with food ordering apps or maintaining social media pages, home-based bakers can also register on ‘Google My Business’. Here, you can easily provide your business details and address and help your customers to find you. Moreover, you can state if you provide home delivery of your products. Various studies have shown that consumers love businesses that provide home delivery too. This will be an add-on advantage for your business.

To conclude, we have presented a few tips on how home-based bakers can get their products to the customers doorstep. Moreover, by opting for the food ordering apps like Cirber, vendors can offer speedy and reliable services without any hassle. The vendor plans and additional services provided by Cirber app and website to vendors fit within any budget and often start with a free trial period that is guaranteed to fit the requirements of a home-based baker.

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