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You may have heard of the recent partnership by which we’re now Cirber Eats…

But rest assured.

The change only means good news for you because we’ll continue to provide the exceptional services you’re accustomed to, and more…

A vendor can list single item or entire store catalog on Cirber. And depending on customer location, an order can be picked up in-store by the customer, delivered locally by a Cirber Affiliate or shipped directly to the customer.

We also want to put $200 cash in your wallet right away. In short, we’ve many interesting things in store for you.

We only ask that you come aboard today for the free ride…


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The Uber-Like Platform for Restaurants

If you were told before 2009 that people could make money by fueling their cars, turning on an app, driving around town and accepting rides…

That they didn’t have to spend money on advertising to find customers needing a ride…

Would you have believed it?

But Uber made the unbelievable happen in 2009. Interested car owners now have the option of generating income where they never thought possible.

Since 2019, Cirber has become the Uber of the restaurant industry, changing the way money is made in the restaurant business.

Food service
Food service

Cirber helps restaurant owners focus on other aspects of the business while we send over orders from hungry local customers.

The good news is that it’s not too late to start earning on Cirber by completing the simple vendor sign up process.

Once sign up is completed, restaurant owners or cooking enthusiasts will start receiving an inflow of new customer orders.

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Why Colonel Sanders’ Story Matters

One of the most inspiring stories in the restaurant business is that of Colonel Sanders.

His father died when he was 5 years old. By the time he was 17 years old, he had already lost 4 jobs. But that was not the end…

Colonel Sanders got married at the age of 18 then joined the army but couldn’t make it. At 20, his wife left him and took their baby with her.

Out of frustration, Colonel Sanders became a cook in a small cafe and convinced his wife to return home.

By the time he retired at the age of 65, he felt like a total failure. So, he decided to commit suicide.

While writing his suicide note, Colonel Sanders ended up scribbling what he could have/should have accomplished in life.

At that point, he found out that he had one unique skill: cooking.


So, he borrowed $87 and fried up some chicken using his now famous recipe and started selling from door to door.

Guess what?

At the age of 88, Colonel Sanders, founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) empire, became a Billionaire…

That’s Colonel Sanders’ story, from being broke to becoming a Billionaire.

One thing is certain: Colonel Sanders would not have become successful or achieved his goal in life if he had not taken action.

He recognized his strength and took advantage of it.

Let me ask you a quick question:

“If you had the power to make a change for your business success, what would it be?”

I’m sure your answer is to generate more sales – just like Colonel Sanders did!

The good news is you don’t need magic to make that happen in this day and age.

All you need is to complete your vendor account sign up at CIRBER.

As you know, CIRBER is a high tech platform that bridges the gap between food lovers and online food businesses. CIRBER has all the modern tech features already built in so you can focus on serving the hundreds of hungry Customers that will start placing orders with you.

How does it work?

You don’t spend a dime on building a mobile app or website, or even on advertising. All you do is choose a vendor plan and start a free trial with zero $ upfront cost to you.

If you are ready to expand your online food business and see what we have on offer for you, then visit CIRBER’s vendor sign up page now.

4 Main Reasons Why People Use Food Ordering Apps

Dinner night outs to restaurants are always fun but sometimes these may be crowded and customers will have to wait for a long time to be seated and served. Enteronline food ordering options which are becoming more and more available across the world where people just order their food online through an app or website. Indeed, as a customer, you can order from your favorite restaurant and have your food delivered in minutes right to your doorstep. That way, you can enjoy delectable cuisines with your family without getting into any type of hustle.

Moreover, you can spend the whole time with your family without spending half of your evening waiting for your order to be ready. Now, let us look at four main reasons why people use food ordering apps.


The foremost benefit is the convenience that customers have to just select their favorite meals from their preferred restaurants. After placing an order, they just have to wait for the order to be delivered. This is great because customers can enjoy a meal in the comfort of their own home.

More Food Choices

Customers receive more food choices as they can browse through a variety of meals listed in the food ordering apps for online food sales. As a customer, you can explore signature dishes from popular chefs and local restaurants near your current location and then select the meals that look pleasing and appetizing to you. You can even try out new meals that are different from your normal choices.

Insightful Customer Reviews

Insightful reviews are another advantage that consumers get when they order food online through apps or websites. They can find reviews about the quality of the food, its presentation and packaging, the food order delivery process, and much more. Reviews are read by customers when placing their orders so they are a necessary part of the online food ordering experience.

Cashless Payments

A final benefit of online food ordering apps cashless payment through debit or credit cards with no need carry cash. An added bonus is that the more advanced online food ordering apps like Cirber also offer a loyalty program that allows customers to accumulate and redeem points for free items from the app. This helps customers to save some money too.

To conclude, we have presented at least four main reasons why people use food ordering apps like Cirber. Of course, we did not list all the features of Cirber in this short blog piece. Sign up on the app and tell us which Cirber features we left out of the list.