How do I complete bulk products import?

To complete bulk products import, sign in to your vendor account and follow the three steps below.

  1. Export template
    1. From the dashboard, click on Products tab then Export template button to generate CSV file.
    2. Go Back to dashboard, click on Locations tab and copy product store ID.
  2. Update template
    1. Insert “Meta: product_stores” column in template.
    2. Add product store ID in Meta: product_stores field for each parent variable and simple product only, not for variation.
    3. Add user-generated SKU for each parent variable and simple product only, not for variation.
    4. Delete “Visibility in catalog” column if it exists.
    5. Update template with other details, including product image URL at any internet address.
  3. Import template
    1. Follow the prompts to import template.
    2. Pay particular attention to “Update existing products only” checkbox. When checked, only existing products that match by product ID will be updated. Uncheck the box to both update existing products and also import new products.

What pickup and delivery options are available?

Pickup and delivery options are determined by the Vendor.

  1. When adding a product to the online store, Vendor can set one or more  options.
  2. Available pickup and delivery options are Affiliate delivery, Customer pickup, Store delivery, and Shipping.
  3. When placing an order, Customer can choose one of these options at checkout.

How do I sign up as Vendor?

To sign up as Vendor, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Cirber app or visit
  2. Click on Become a Vendor or go directly to Vendor sign up page and choose a plan to complete the sign up.
  3. For step-by-step instructions and next steps before or after sign up, see How to sign up as Vendor.

How do I add a product to my Cirber store?

To add a product to your Cirber store, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in and navigate to your account dashboard. Click on Products tab.
  2. On Products page, click on Add product and enter the requested information.
  3. Click Submit.

Is there a pickup and delivery fee?

Generally, there is no pickup and delivery fee.

However, a Vendor may set a minimum order amount for free pickup and delivery. In that case, a Customer will be given the option to add additional items to meet the minimum amount or elect to pay the pickup and delivery fee.

How do I set maximum amount for Cirber delivery?

To set the maximum delivery fee you are willing to pay for Cirber delivery, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in and navigate to account dashboard.
  2. Click on Locations tab, then click on Edit store location.
  3. Update “Maximum amount for Cirber delivery” field and click on Save changes button. Note: Enter a higher amount to receive more Affiliate responses to your pickup requests or a lower amount to receive fewer responses.

How does Cirber work?

Cirber is used to order online food from popular restaurants and to deliver items locally. Cirber is one of the world’s fastest growing apps, available for local use in 195 countries.

Vendor can list a single item or entire store products on Cirber for pickup and local delivery by an Affiliate or for direct shipping to the Customer.

Affiliate can pick up and deliver items locally or receive online packages for delivery to the Customer.

Customer can also pickup his or her order directly, track the order and see it delivered promptly and in real-time.

Cirber offers Pickup and Delivery, and Package Redirect services.

Pickup and Delivery service is ideal for a Customer or Vendor who wants any item delivered. Food, groceries or packages can be picked up and delivered locally by an Affiliate or can be shipped directly to the end customer.

Package Redirect service is ideal for a Customer or Vendor who wants to assure safe delivery of a package. Non-perishable items can be shipped to an Affiliate for local delivery to the end customer and prevent the items from being left unattended on the porch!

Below is a list of some of the key features of Cirber:

Cirber  features:
– cash on delivery payment
– set pickup and delivery location
– set availability and delivery times
– set maximum discount % for promotions
– set maximum delivery fee
– set minimum pickup fee
– set local currency
– set local tax rate
– see tracking information
– receive status notifications
– receive tip payment
– add ratings and reviews
– add multiple store locations

For further details, see How it works.

What is Vendor user?

A Vendor is a user who can list a single item or entire store products for sale on Cirber. The items can be delivered by one of several methods: Affiliate delivery, Customer pickup, Store delivery, or Shipping.

Ready to get paid? Then, sign up as Vendor.